LONDON-Mumford & Sons have been writing new music with their Australian tour opener Gretta Ray. Mumford & Sons have been in the studio with their support act Gretta Ray.

The ‘I Will Wait’ hitmakers not only had the 21-year-old star open for them on the Australian leg of their ‘Delta World Tour’ in January, but the singer/songwriter has revealed she recently reunited with drummer Ben Lovett and guitarist Winston Marshall for a songwriting session at their bandmate Ted Dwane’s studio space in London.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Gretta revealed: ‘’I’ve actually been in Ted’s new studio in London this week, writing with both Winston and Ben - which has been amazing. ‘’All of the boys are so down to earth and I’m so comfortable around them, sometimes I forget that they are one of the biggest bands in the world!’’

Gretta didn’t say if what they were working on would be for her own project or the Marcus Mumford-fronted band. The folk singer recently revealed that she only had one soundcheck rehearsal before joining Mumford on stage for their song ‘Forever’ for the first time at an arena in Sydney.

Asked whose idea it was to perform the track from ‘Delta’, Gretta said: ‘’I think Marcus was the one who suggested it be that song. ‘’’Forever’ is a new song of theirs, one which was not initially part of their setlist for the tour. ‘’The first time we sung it together was at the Enmore Theatre show in Sydney, and they had planned on changing the setlist a little in order to include that particular song anyway.’’