End of the Ottoman Empire


April 23, 1920 marks the end of the Ottoman Empire, perhaps the longest Islamic dynasty in the world. Back in the day, the empire ruled much of the South East Europe along with Western Asia and North Africa. The collapse of the empire however started somewhere around 1918 when Allies had almost ruled the empire out of the regional power equation.

When the ottoman armies were on the back foot, it was at this time when Mustafa Kemal Ataturk emerged as the leader of modern day Turkey and ended the Sultans rule. Kemal presented a unique brand of Turkish nationalism with a preconception that the great Ottoman Empire was dead.

On the 23 April, the Turkish nationalist convened a Grand National Assembly in Ankara and they elected Kemal as their President. A short civil war followed the vents of April 23, which concluded with the infamous Treaty of Severes in 1920. It was the end of the Ottoman Empire and birth of the Turkish Republic under the secular vision of Ataturk.