Charlize Theron ‘blessed’ to work with Seth Rogen

BENONI (CM): Charlize Theron feels ‘’blessed’’ to star with Seth Rogen in ‘Long Shot’ because she’s such a fan of his work. Charlize Theron feels ‘’blessed’’ to star with Seth Rogen in ‘Long Shot’.

The 43-year-old actress has been a ‘’fan’’ of the 38-year-old actor and all his movies for a long time so was delighted to work with him in the comedy.

She said: ‘’I’ve been a sincere, down to the core of my body, fan of Seth Rogen’s. ‘’I have watched everything that he’s touched and never in a million years did I think I would be in a movie with him, so I am hashtag blessed.’’

In the movie, Seth plays a journalist who is spending time with Charlize, a presidential hopeful who also happens to be his former babysitter, and the South African star admitted the lighter fare was very different for her. She laughed in an interview with Britain’s OK! Magazine: ‘’I usually die or kill people in my movies, or get assaulted. This is not my wheelhouse.’’




Jordyn Woods’ brow focus

CALIFORNIA (GN): Jordyn Woods’ top beauty tip is to always ‘’start with eyebrows’’ before tackling any other features.

Jordyn Woods’ top beauty tip is to always ‘’start with eyebrows’’. The 21-year-old model thinks it’s easy to groom brows to look like they have been ‘’freshly done’’, which perfectly sets up a base to begin the rest of a make-up routine.

She said:’’ My top tip is to star with your eyebrows first when applying make-up. ‘’Begin by shaping them with your brow pencil and then use concealer to make it look like you have a fresh brow line.

‘’This will disguise all the out-of-place hairs and your brows will appear to be freshly done.’’ Jordyn favours a ‘’pretty simple’’ look when it comes to her eyes.

She said: ‘’For my eyes, I really like Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara. ‘’When it comes to eyeshadow, I just like to keep it pretty simple. ‘’You can use any eyeshadow to create your look, but I don’t like to experiment too much.’’ The reality TV star is ‘’quite strict’’ when it comes to looking after her skin but doesn’t do anything particularly unusual when it comes to her cleansing routine. She said: ‘’My skin routine is probably quite strict.