War on terrorism, let us not forget the episode of 9/11 and so called US war on terrorism turned out to be a war against Muslims as in labelling it as an Islamic terrorism, we supported that war but what we have lost is irreparable, few things we need to categorise first are as following; terrorism, insurgency and Islamophobia and state terrorism, terrorism is an act of violence politically motivated and threat to the life of any human race, and insurgency on the other hand is something politically motivated but to achieve specific goals we can call justified demand of rights including the right of self-determination and fight against foreign invasion.

By the fact the increasing Islamophobia in west by neo-facist is actually a form of terrorism against Muslim race. So as in all this scenario we are losing the fundamental right of self-determination for the cause of Kashmir and Palestine as the world is labelling this as a form of Islamic terrorism and curtailing the freedom struggle under the collective ambit of war on terrorism, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) although weak institution, must bring the definition of United Nations (UN) of terrorism under spotlight which excludes the insurgency and right of self-determination being labelled as terrorism.

The anti-Muslim rhetoric must be defeated by the fact that violence has no race and if a white person does the act he must be condemn only this way we can achieve the struggle of freedom fighters, in Palestine and Kashmir. And one must not forget the state terrorism, the brown Indian terrorism in the form of RSS and Hindu nationalists who are working under directive of current Hindu nationalist government and must be labelled by UN as the banned organisations as the Pakistani based Jamaat-al-Dawa and Jaish-e-Muhammad have been designed who are actually supporting the Kashmir struggle. India specifically is a large economy uprising and a market for the west.

The western have interest related to them so whenever it comes to Kashmir in particular the world favours the India and accept its narrative though the India’s atrocities in Kashmir is clear to the world but when this political struggle comes to  the world see it as an Islamic motivation struggle and west see this struggle from the same lens the Indians show them which they call it terrorism, irrespective of that Kashmir is majority Muslim either wanted to merge with Pakistan or an independent state.

On the other hand, the Palestine cause is also under the shadow of western Islamophobia they called the Hamas as a terrorist organisation and accept the narrative of Israel which is continually killing Muslims through strikes and air raids but still the global policemen is silent and even recognised the Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and now even the Golan Heights have been recognised as the part of Israel, all these developments are curtailing the Muslims to struggle calling them Islamic terrorism.

Attack in new Zealand Christchurch depicts the hypocrisy of the west as many of the western media have called the white terrorist a mass shooter, rather than calling him a terrorist, on the other hand the prime minister of the New Zealand have categorically called the shooter as terrorist, and said that killing any innocent being is terrorism no matter if its done by a white person or a brown one, yes for that matter the west have been ‘mummy’ on the situation all these developments show us clearly that agenda against all this is just to suppress the basic right of Muslim belligerents demanding their self-rights.

And hate against Muslims is basically always infused by Zionists covertly and overtly through the west and through the global policeman of the world in order to achieve the goals Muslims must start the media struggle to condemn the terrorism in all forms and show the world the real difference between the terrorism and struggle for self-determination and the UN definitions must be quoted in order to achieve all these goals and Muslim Ummah specifically Turkey and Saudi Arabia should support this cause because they somehow maintain a status in the world. Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia and Iran are too busy in regional proxy war rather than focusing on the real cause of Palestine which is too unfortunate for all of us as Muslims.