KARACH          -              Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah Wednesday said that 320 new cases of coronavirus had been diagnosed in the province, of them 308 were of local transmission. He termed it  as the highest ever cases of COVID-19 witnessed in Sindh, and the worst affected was Karachi with over 1,300 cases of local transmission. In his video message released from the CM’s House, the CM said that 320 new cases were diagnosed on  when 2,097 tests were conducted. The tests conducted so far come to 30,346 against which 3,373 cases have been detected, he calculated.  

Syed Murad Ali Shah said that in terms of local spread of COVID-19 Karachi was worst affected. He added that during the last 24 hours 320 new cases had been diagnosed in the province, out of which 308 were of local spread. “It means the local spread turns to be 15.2 percent of the diagnosed cases,” he said .  He said that with new three deaths, the death toll had reached to 69 which was two percent of the total patients.

He added that at present 2,589 patients were under treatment, of them 1,579 were in home isolation, 613 at isolation Centre and 379 in different hospitals.  “On Wednesday, 50 patients recovered and returned to their homes, the recovery percentage of the corona patients comes to 69 percent,” he said.

He said that with the addition to 320 new of cases of Sindh, the tally had risen to 10,069 in the country. “This is not an ordinary situation and we will have to handle it with extra care and attention,” he said.

Speaking about the situation in Karachi, the CM said that the worst affected was district South where 578 cases, including 79 new cases had been detected. Almost all the cases were of local spread.

In East out of 468 cases, 20 are of Tablighee Jamaat members and 448 of local spread, the CM said and added 42 new cases had emerged.

Murad said that in West district, 48 new cases emerged and the number of total cases had reached to 259, of them one was of Tablighee Jamaat while 258 were of local spread.

Talking about Korangi, the CM said that 16 new cases were detected and the number of total cases had reached to 179 and almost all the cases were of local spread. In Central the number of cases is 406, including 25 new. Almost all the cases were of local transmission, he said.  Murad said that with 19 new cases the number of cases has reached to 229 in Hyderabad. “Out of 229 cases 158 cases are of Tablighee Jamaat and 71 are of local spread,” he said and added “this is quite serious and worrisome and the result of non-compliance of SOPs and social distancing,” he said.

Syed Murad Ali Shah said that Larkana had also started producing local transmission cases. “The district has 65 cases, of them 42 are of Tablighee Jamaat people and 23 are of local spread,” Syed Murad Ali Shah said.

Speaking about Sukkur, he said that Sukkur had 356 cases, of them 273 were of pilgrims and 76 of Tablighee Jamaat and seven were of local transmission.

He said that the pilgrims were kept in isolation at labour colony Sukkur but the defiance of expert advises and refusal to observe lockdown resulted in local spread.

“Now this becomes the responsibility of the people, particularly the heads of the families, religious scholars and other compelling personalities to guide the people to observe strict precautionary measures and social distancing, otherwise its further spread in thickly populated urban areas and rural areas will play the havoc equally,” he said.

Murad said that the precautionary measures were like an umbrella which protect the people from rain water. “Similarly, if you adopt precautionary measures even if the lockdown is eased off you will be able to save yourself from the infection,” he said and added the new way of life was purely health oriented. “Everyone has to adopt it in his life and they have to teach to their children and family members,” he concluded.