ISLAMABAD - For the MPs who often used to yawn at the back benches, this long corona leave has seemingly proved to be an ethically  certified cover to take refuge in their homes.

Politics in the times of corona, seems quite risky but legislative has to run, come what way. 

Amidst the corona scare, social distancing and work from home are popping out to be new norms of the society. Like all walks of life, pandemic had a profound impact on the parliamentary affairs.

The COVID-19 has brought the Parliament to a stand still situation for a month long period, but later perhaps following the footprints of British Parliament Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser introduced the idea of digital democracy in the country.

As parliamentary committee on Corona virus was constituted to start deliberations for legislative business.

The prominent parliamentarians, only in a forthnight time period, have almost reached on consensus to reject the idea of virtual sessions and go for actual session by maintaining social distance.

In a latest episode, Opposition has adopted offensive policy and surprised the ruling clique by submitting a requisition in National Assembly.

This requisition, if not withdrawn by Opposition, has constitutionally compelled custodian of house to summon session within 14 days of submission date.

This requisition was submitted at a time when a parliamentary committee was also scheduled to decide necessary modalities to call session in current Corona crisis.

Political wizards viewed that Parliamentarians even could not develop consensus on calling session of National Assembly.`` Difference of opinion is visible but it again it is voice of few parliamentarians from political parties,`` they said, mentioning that there was  role of around not more than two dozen  parliamentarians. It is also presumption that these backbenchers might be  ignored to save time of the parliament.

For the some MPs, who paid little heed to parliamentary affairs even during normal circumstances, it proved to be a good excuse for absence. Now they are seemingly enjoying a long leave with a legal cover, as a large number of parliamentarians have not seen contributing in a newly established concept of digital democracy.

Exceptions are always there and it is heartening to see few MPs who are regulary attending the session. Some of valid reasons were also shared by the lawmakers from far flung areas having no internet facility in their area.  The novel crisis has also exposed the disinterest of governments [Both past and present] in underdeveloped areas of country.

These parliamentarians are not only being blamed to show disinterest  in current parliamentary meetings, yet  surprisingly the needy voters of their constituencies are also searching them for financial assistance in current crises. Thse compliants can be seen on almost all TV channel now a days.

In exceptional cases, some of them have different point of view. 

It seems backbenchers from both sides of aisle in parliament will never get ample time to express themselves.

Some of these legislators from treasury and opposition, sitting on the back seats of the parliament house, in almost every sitting were seen struggling to get the floor.

The absence  of lawmakers  in upcoming session of National Assembly might further expose the `efficiency` of these backbenchers.