With multiple instances of high-profile infections of coronavirus – the latest of which is Faisal Edhi, the CEO of the Edhi Foundation – the only thing that is becoming clearer is that the virus spares no one, regardless of their station, power or wealth.

Who they are, what they do or what they might have is not at all relevant. The medical professionals fighting against the infection on the frontline, our political leadership ensuring that the public practices the protocols in place and those praying for the welfare of our country are all equally at risk, and should exercise precautions accordingly.

Thankfully with Mr Edhi, he seems to be out of immediate danger, but an additional fear was his recent contact with Prime Minister Imran Khan. A simple handshake and a donation meant to fight coronavirus could have had disastrous consequences. And while Mr Edhi is seemingly out of the woods, the same cannot be said for many that contract the infection on a daily basis. There is no telling how devastating the effects of this virus will be; which is why making sure that we are protected on an individual level is so important.

The public has to meet the administration halfway and act intelligently in times of crisis because that is the only way forward. This was never a battle that we would have won in two weeks, and all those that have been claiming that precautions are not needed should pay close attention to the numbers in the previous week and the days to come. We are now over 10000 cases and there seems to be no chance to flatten the curve at this point. How long will it be before all of us realise that this threat is more serious than we have been treating it?