ISLAMABAD - The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) has constituted another committee in order to develop a consensus over technical aspects of the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The committee will be headed by SAPM on health, Dr Zafar Mirza. Briefing media at the NCOC on Wednesday, Dr. Mirza said that the committee will solidify and improve the nation’s response. He said health ministers of all the four provinces, GB, AJK are included in the committee. A technical expert will assist each of the health ministers, he added.

This will serve as a steering group. “Because we have to scale up testing and quarantine now, there was a need to develop consensus viz-a-viz definitions, concepts, quarantine etc. Some new issues might have been popping up which need to be addressed,” he said.


The committee will also help resolve other issues, and added that experts are also included in the group.


 The forum will ensure consensus on a national level on corona-related issues so that all the federating units work in complete coordination. He said several meetings of the committee are expected in the coming days.


Dr. Zafar Mirza further said that all the institutions are on same page in the fight against coronavirus. He said the unity with which the country’s institutions are working now has never been seen before. He expressed satisfaction that all the institutions are on the same page in the fight against the pandemic.


“Is this perfect? No. But it is getting better,” he told the media. He said the coordination was exemplary at the moment.


Referring to the visit of COAS to the NCOC on Wednesday, he said COAS was apprised about the strategy for tracing, testing and quarantine of the suspects. He said army’s top leadership was apprised about what the government had been doing to tackle the situation.


He said religious leaders have agreed to a 20-point SOP for maintaining social distancing during the month of Ramazan. He said it is responsibility of each and every person to follow the SOPs particularly during the month of Ramazan. “Every Pakistani should take it as a national responsibility,” he urged. He said coming days are the most crucial viz-a-viz COVID-19 however, he said worst could be averted by following the SOPs.


Giving details on the latest situation on COVID-19, Mirza said confirmed cases across globe have reached around 26 lacs with around 175,000 deaths so far. He said during the last 24 four hours, 533 new cases have emerged in Pakistan with total cases reaching up to 9,749 with total 209 deaths so far.


He said during the last 24 hours, 27 deaths were reported, the highest number in a single day.