PESHAWAR              -            President, Sarhad Chamber of Commerce

and Industry President (SCCI) Maqsood Anwar has asked the provincial

government to fulfil its promise

made with traders and allow phase-wise opening of businesses and commercial activities after ensuring

to follow the Standard Operating

Procedure (SOP) protective measures.

While addressing a meeting of the small traders here at the Chamber House on Wednesday, the SCCI chief said the trader community has been faced with enormous financial challenges

due to ongoing lockdown in the province, adding the corona virus affected

traders would be unable to bear further economic and business losses amid the prevailing scenario. He added the small traders and shopkeepers

were being compelled to face hunger due to the closure of bazaars, markets and trade hubs as precautionary

measures to contain the spread of novel corona virus. However, the chamber president said that certain industries were allowed to reopen their activities but the operational

industries are being faced with number of difficulties due to the shutdown

of bazaars, markets and trade centres.He called upon the government to take pragmatic steps to extend relief to coronavirus-hit business community.He also demanded of the government