LAHORE - Principal Post-Graduate Medical Institute Prof Al-fareed Zafar, on Wednesday, said that the Task Force for Coronavirus, specialists and scientists of various institutions were conducting research under the supervision of Prof Ata-ur-Rehman, and coronavirus vaccine might be prepared in the country in the next 10-12 months

Also, Pakistan woudl start manufacturing ventilators in 4-5 months, he told the media.

The PGMI principal and a member of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology Task Force for Coronavirus, Prof  Al-fareed Zafar said that currently social distancing was the only solution to overcome the problem of coronavirus spread. If people implemented the government instructions and the standard operating procedures (SOPs) at the government institutions, the corona pandemic could be controlled soon.

Prof Zafar said that coronavirus infection had been less reported among pregnant women, and a study was also being conducted in that regard in collaboration with Denmark. Even in China and the United States, there had been very few cases of pregnant women contracting the virus, he said.

He said that the Federal Task Force for Coronavirus was holding meetings through video-link and formation of a new foundation was also under consideration, with the data provided by various health organisations and centres, setting new safety rules.

He said that due to telemedicine services, the load of patients in hospitals had decreased to 50 percent.