The World Health Organisation (WHO) will be stepping up its efforts in combating COVID-19 in Pakistan after it received funding worth 2.67 million pounds from the United Kingdom (UK). The funds will help both the WHO and the government of Pakistan devise a better strategy in saving the lives of the affected patients from coronavirus. Given the fact that Pakistan’s resources are depleting rapidly and it is becoming difficult for the state to pour in more funds to the health sector, this assistance is timely.

The pandemic is not just wrecking the health infrastructure of Pakistan, it is virtually affecting every other sector of our economy. The government is struggling with revenue generation. Notably, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has already announced that it will be unable to meet the tax collection targets, as the virus forced the closure of businesses and the economy. While this donation mostly relates to assistance in fighting the pandemic itself – such as by providing healthcare equipment – the government can now rest easy knowing that our own meagre resources are not the only thing our country has to rely on.

The lockdown in Pakistan is already showing its negative impact in sectors such as aviation, tourism and hospitality and manufacturing. Economies of developing countries like Pakistan will not have a leg to stand on anytime soon if the international donors do not provide these countries with necessary aid. Hopefully, the relief package of the WHO will also encourage other international organisations to help Pakistan to deal with the virus and its impact on public health and economy.