Commando President of Pakistan bows out. His ouster from the prestigious office of the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan has raised hopes that the highest office would regain its lost glory and prestige. So great was his weakness for power that he clung to its shadow long after the substance was over on February 18. Sadly, the prestige of the office of the president touched the lowest ebb during his tenure, which perhaps may not happen again in the days to come. He patted and promoted rather got elected such non-representative to the assemblies and in the so-called district governments, where there was seldom evidence of serious discussion on legislation and policy. The privileges enjoyed by the members of parliament were invariably abused; questions were mostly irrelevant and provocative and adjournment motions were frequently moved, only rarely on matters of urgent and public importance. Walkouts were staged. Accusations and counter-accusations took the place of arguments and debates. Uproarious scenes and ugly incidents were a matter of routine in the parliament. The impact of political insanity on the country could well be imagined. The administration was paralysed and the economy crippled. As a result, the government treasury stood empty and foreign resources dwindled when the PPP-led coalition government saddled with power. President Musharraf's regime will be registered notorious for lavishly spending on non-developmental activities rather on fun and frolic. The economy was left in a shamble. Even for a basic problem like the food no solution is found. It is not only the shortage of food alone that is being experienced by the coalition government but also the economic situation as a whole is beginning to cause grave concern. Of course, the Statute book is overflowing with laws to check every kind of anti-social activity including crime and corruption, black marketing etc, yet these laws were not enforced. So much so, even the present government is unable to understand as to what can be done to immediately control the problems. What should be or what would be the fate of the former commando president? It is only God who knows better. But whatever cruelties one unlashes upon the nation or whosoever cheats the trust of the nation, has to face the music even in this world. In his own "People are the best judges" so, let the nation decide his fate. The PPP leadership which has acquired the reputation of defeating the military dictators, not one but four dictators in thirty-two years, need to address the question, which echoes the most in the country, which is: what next? With the same wisdom and dexterity as in the case of military dictator. As a student of law and political science, I am of the opinion that solution to all our problems lies both in collective wisdom and in insight of the PPP leadership as to take the country out of crisis, and nothing else. Rhetoric and radicalism would leave the country nowhere. Hence, what is needed it is to sow seed of harmony, tolerance and democratisation in the country and to strengthen the institutions in the earnest sense. This job can better be done by the leadership who knows how to live and leave a legacy. A salute to the visionary leadership of the PPP for emancipating the nation from the yoke of a dictator and countless salutes to the Shaheed Rani (martyred princess) Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto for leaving a great legacy in the form of present PPP leadership.