In President Musharraf's last speech on television, he claimed that he might have made mistakes but his intentions must not be doubted. All he has done was in the best interest of the country (Mulk Ki Behtree Kay Liay). He even claimed to be resigning in the best national interest. I am very much confused and unable to understand the true meaning of the term. Were the following actions all in best national interest? a) Dissolution of democratically elected government of Nawaz Sharif in 1999 and military takeover. b) Introduction of one-man rule through notorious LFO and PCO. c) Sacking of legitimate Chief Justice of Pakistan without following any procedure d) Imposition of emergency and packing of independent judiciary e) Filling in the vacant positions in judiciary by bringing in some handpicked judges whose integrity is in question f) Manipulation of his election as President in uniform for the next five years by a parliament whose tenure was about to expire. g) Continuation as President in spite of a televised pledge that if his supporters did not success in February 2008, he would quit. -AZHAR GHUMRO, Karachi, via e-mail, August 19.