VIENNA (AFP) - Nuclear supplier nations ended a two-day meeting here Friday without reaching agreement on lifting a 34-year-old embargo on nuclear trade with India. The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), which controls the export and sale of nuclear technology worldwide, for two days "to discuss a US draft proposal on a statement on civil nuclear cooperation with India." Following a full session and a series of bilateral talks, the 45-member group issued a short statement saying only: "Participating governments exchanged views in a constructive manner, and agreed to meet again in the near future to continue their deliberations." Diplomats who attended the discussions signalled that the US-India deal had run into stiff resistance among member states, with some setting conditions for giving approval. A number of countries openly expressed reservations about the 2005 agreement between the United States and India. Speaking to reporters after the meeting on Friday, US Acting Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, John Rood, remained optimistic. "We have completed a second day of discussions. We had a constructive and positive discussion today," Rood said. The United States was "pleased with the results of the discussion and I remain very optimistic that we're going to continue to make progress towards this important goal," Rood continued. "The Nuclear Suppliers Group has agreed to meet again in the near future and so we'll take up this question and this will remain something that the group continues to work through in a serious manner."