Some regular contributors to the Pakistani newspapers have been showing a distinct lack of warmth towards the Americans, are overtly critical of their actions and sort of, shall we say, 'sympathetic' towards Taliban and the extremist elements within Pakistan.  But no person in his right mind can support fanatic, madmen that are going around burning girls' schools and killing innocent people including those involved in the noble task of providing people with immunization services against dreadful diseases like Polio, Hepatitis etc. These writers' stance is probably based on the assumption that the enemy's enemy must be given unqualified acceptance as a friend. But this enemy's enemy, in this instance, is an even greater enemy of our people. Most Pakistanis see the Americans and their allies for what they are, occupying imposters in the region, which if allowed to establish a foothold here, would make it worse than Iraq. Americans are adept at setting different groups of a populace against each other, using techniques they have perfected during the Iraq operation. We all know Shias and Sunnis were living in peace in Iraq until the Americans arrived on the scene. Taming of Pakistan, the only nuclear power in the Muslim world, would be a big achievement for the Americans. Pakistanis understand this imperialist strain of the American mind and, precisely for this reason; a large majority of them opposes the Americans. -S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, via e-mail, August 9.