The resignation of President Musharraf was met by loud cheers from all the people of Pakistan " as is our wont. There were very few to mourn his going, for he had helped the rich and the powerful. There were no poor on his help list. Even the earthquake relief funds were siphoned off by unscrupulous cronies. The sight of the poor mother falling at his feet while he addressed a public meeting showed him unmoved. Her plight was her missing son who had vanished into the darkness of the 'agency', a word that strikes terror into the hearts of most Pakistanis. It has taken on the feel of the evil empire, and he was Darth Vader. This reputation is undeserved for his main failing was his weakness, as can be evidenced by his allowing his subordinates to do their wish, without check or caution. The removal of Musharraf will not make all well, for his cronies helped themselves to amass fortunes, both monetary and political. The House is full of his nominees who would not have made it to those hallowed positions without his patronage. These were often men of known incompetence, but high in sycophancy and eventually succeed in bringing him down. Throughout his administration. Starting with his choice of Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz, who shall be remembered as the most inept economic Manager that Pakistan has had in the six decades of our existence. Under him not one MW of electricity was added, and our manufacturing dropped to an alarming level, with the worst hit being our exports. No country can survive without exports, and so it is with us. Musharraf's cronies in Italian silk suits, flying all over the world did not address the real issues of the exporters, instead they massaged the egos of the president and the PM with glitzy presentations -alas the figures show a different picture. In every country the two basic factors are agriculture and manufacturing. All else is secondary. Every country has these two priorities, while in Pakistan both were sadly ignored. Banking and the stock market were the preferred areas of growth.  Any economist knows that both the stock market and banking are the two instruments that are the main tools that should be used to provide the economic muscle to support agriculture and manufacturing. It is these two sectors that need cheap power and cheap money. Instead money itself became profitable. Pakistan's largest growth has been the banking sector. Surely if the banks are making so much money it is at the cost of the two basic sectors, agriculture and manufacturing. The stock market per se is a little casino to allow people the luxury of gambling their spare cash, on domestic shares. Instead the exchange should be used to encourage new industrial projects, which is not happening. Musharraf allowed his economic managers to indulge in frivolous pursuits such as mobile phones. To date we have spent 9 billion precious dollars to import just the 90 million handsets alone. Of which 2.5 billion could have made us self-sufficient in power. It is these monstrous mistakes by his managers that have multiplied the sufferings of our people at all classes. The loss of job opportunities for youngsters entering the market is deplorable, for banks and the stock exchange have minimal off take of workers. And may well cause a serious threat to the stability of the large cities, especially when the jobless see the bullet proof cars of their elected and protected leaders waft past in air-conditioned comfort. No, the sins of Musharraf are nothing compared to his cohorts who still enjoy the perks given and are now sharpening their knives while they gloat over the post-mortem that they will perform on him while giving themselves a clean chit. Count not his sins lest yours be counted. Musharraf gave us a free media, for the first time. Yet he was hoist by his own petard. However this is a gift to the people that we should cherish, and any Pakistani who dares to break the law at any level will now feel the suffering of exposure on 50 channels and any number of newspapers. We may not need the CJ. The media will judge " by exposing the corrupt. Only now the public may be emboldened to make their anger felt against these elements. The writer is a political analyst