HANGU - At least 16 Taliban militants were killed and several others were arrested during an encounter with the police force in Dawaba area of Hangu District on Friday. The killed persons, according to officials, included two alleged foreign suicide bombers. Meanwhile, five militants were killed in a clash in Bajaur Agency. Soon after the clashes between Police force and Taliban militants, the administration imposed curfew in the area and closed all roads for traffic with immediate effect. One soldier of the security forces was also injured during the clash, which continued for around half an hour. Besides two alleged foreign suicide bombers, the remaining killed Taliban were stated to be from Waziristan region, who were staying in the area for shouldering their colleagues who were engaged in terrorist and militant acts both in Hangu District and adjacent tribal regions of Aurakzai and Kurram. As per details, the alleged Taliban militants boarding two vehicles were on their way to Dawaba from Thall. The Police personnel camping in the check post at Soor Bridge signalled the Taliban militants to stop and lay their arms. However, Taliban refused and made attempts to open fire against the Police personnel. In the meantime, encounter started between the two sides, which led to the killing of around 16 Taliban fighters. A number of Taliban were also injured and several others were arrested. Though the Police officials confirmed the arrest of one alleged suicide bomber and recovery of explosive-packed jackets from his custody, yet the local people confirmed the arrest of nine persons. The arrested Taliban included three injured. A spokesman of the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) when contacted said that the two foreign suicide bombers were included amongst the killed persons. He added that the first explosion occurred when an alleged bomber was shot dead by policemen when he was moving towards them (police personnel). The second explosion took place when another militant boarding the vehicle was hit with bullet. However, the exact identity of the killed militants would be determined on completion of the investigation. The District Police Officer Mr Mohammad Idrees soon after coming to know about the incident rushed to the site. The Police force took into custody all the dead bodies of the militants. Efforts were under way to determine the identity of the killed Taliban militants. Soon after the clashes, the administration with a view to obviating the slipping away of Taliban militants from the surrounding mountains of both settled districts and tribal regions imposed curfew and blocked all roads for traffic. Contingents of the security forces were deployed on all the important roads and routes and extraordinary security measures were taken. AFP adds: In the adjoining region of Bajaur, military helicopter gunships killed another five rebels, officials said. A major military offensive in Bajaur in the last two weeks has left more than 500 people dead, most of them militants, officials say. Three died when gunships destroyed their vehicles as they were driving outside Khar, the main town in Bajaur, on Friday, a senior security official said on condition of anonymity. Two more militants were killed when gunships targeted a compound in Salarzai village, the official added. In another strike near the same village 11 suspected militants were injured.