Court of Judicial Magistrate East, Abdul Hafiz Mathelo has remanded to police custody for further 3 days, 4 workers of MQM who are allegedly involved in target killing. Shahrah Police had arrested the accused including Imran, Atif, Akram and Shariq from Shab-e-Gulstan Jauhar and Shah Faisal Colony. Several cases of target killings are registered against them with Gulistan-e- Jauhar, Shahrah-e Faisal and Aziz Bhatti police. Police sources told the accused had killed the office bearers of Punjabi Pakhtoon Ittehad (PPI) of Shah Faisal Colony by opening fire outside Lal Flat in the area of Shahrah-e- Faisal police. They are also charged with killing two brothers near Jauhar Chorangi. Police sources told over 22 cases of target killing were registered against the accused persons. They were presented in the court by police on Monday. The court had remanded them to police custody for 3 days till August, 27. As many as 5 TT pistol and hundreds of cartridges had been recovered from them.