Chief of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Nawaz Sharif said the martial law has always caused destruction to the country and this genre of government dismembered Pakistan in 1971. He was talking to media in Dera Ismail Khan Monday. Altaf has been fawning the generals to play adventure he maintained adding his statement is ill conceived aimed to befool the people. He deplored that the certain segments were brazenly talking abrogation of constitution. Nawaz held that the democratic system always blessed the country progress. Meanwhile addressing the PML (N) Central Relief and Rehabilitation (CRR ) Committee at Punjab House Islamabad he said if the government had accepted his proposals the relief work would have been on advanced stages, well coordinated and productive. My proposals were with honest intentions he spelled out adding the rehabilitation work were an uphill task but the valiant Nations accept such challenges. The adversity always carries opportunity for the wise nations he added. The meeting vowed that a relief convoy comprising 200 trucks would be dispatched daily to the affected areas of the country. It was also resolved that the rehabilitation work would be launched by constructing houses where the flood water has receded, in this connection the local PML N leadership would apprise the CRR committee. We will remain with the affectees till the last person returns home Nawaz undertook adding I will visit with PML leadership to all affected areas soon.