ISLAMABAD Political intervention and favouritism has plagued the affairs of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to such extent that in last one year the administration of the Authority has allotted out of turn 400 government accommodations by ignoring general waiting list, TheNation has learnt. According to well-informed CDA sources, now the employees of the Authority do not bother to follow the legal procedure regarding retaining of accommodation present on CDA pool, as they know no use of it and visit top guns of the different political parties in Federal Capital for the purpose. This practice on one part created depression among those employees who do not have any political backing and waiting for their turn for the past many years, an official said. According to CDA data in last one year the concerned directorate of CDA has received 1,200 new applications from the accommodation seekers, surging the number of applications to an unprecedented level of 3,500. CDAs former Member Administration Mustafain Kazmi in his tenure of two months allotted 50 houses out of turn while incumbent Member Administration Shokat Mohmand has so far allotted 35 houses within a period of three month. All of these 85 houses have been allotted following the requests and orders of the politicians and bureaucrats, a concerned official said. Its worth mentioning here that in the Federal Capital there are 2,100 government houses on CDAs pool. An official said that during last one year approximately 213 houses had been allotted to those who even did not submit application for the accommodation and succeeded to get government houses on recommendation letters and telephone calls made from politicians and later submitted the applications just to fulfil legality. Another business that is in the full swing is the role of middlemen in the whole process of getting possession of a government-owned house, mostly doing by the young politicians and office bearers of political parties on city chapter level. They took hefty amounts from the interested government employees and helped them in getting possession of the house by using their power. While, some CDA officials also used the same techniques against heavy bribe.