Prime Minister has announced he is setting up a National Disaster Oversight Management Council (NDOMC) comprising "people of impeccable character" says a news item. Now, now, one wonders if a disaster committee needs "people of impeccable character", why does not the rest of country need them too? How can we have an NDOMC of such noble souls but have a parliament with "corruption is our right" and "a degree is a degree, fake or genuine" type of overlords? The disaster committee is a temporary arrangement whereas the politicians, bureaucrats and all the other sacred cows that run this country are a permanent weight milling around our neck. Either Prime Minister should hand over reigns of government to these "people of impeccable character" or induct some fake degree holders into the disaster committee too. One cannot be both hypocrite and righteous at the same time. -WG CDR (R) FARDAD ALI SHAH, Chitral, August 19.