IF ever there was clarity over India's mala fide intentions towards Pakistan, it has been displayed now when the latter is still in the throes of a flood catastrophe. After making a farcical showing of offering $5 million in flood aid to Pakistan, India has helped aggravate the flood disaster by releasing 18,000 cusecs of additional water into the River Ravi without even informing the Pakistan government in advance. As a result of this threatening action, there were floods in five nullahs in the catchments areas of the Ravi and evacuation of people had begun. With these sorts of actions in mind it is no wonder that India has been evading the issue of installing the telemetry system on the rivers in its territory to check the real-time water flow. Earlier, when Pakistan had put forward the telemetry proposal in the bilateral talks of March and May 2010, India had given its agreement, but later on it has been avoiding the issue. Now one can understand why. Given these mala fide intentions of the Indian government, it is shocking to find the Pakistani Foreign Minister not only prematurely accepting the Indian "aid" offer but also defending it. His statements go contrary to what is believed to have been a more cautious approach of the Foreign Office which had apparently recommended thanking the Indians but not accepting their "aid". In fact, FM Qureshi's actions now are similar to his hyped up defence of the Kerry Lugar Act without first consulting all the stake holders in Pakistan It would appear he tends to lose touch with Pakistan's realities when he is in the US After the action of releasing water to cause more flooding in Pakistan, it makes no sense at all for the Pakistani government to accept the $5 million on offer from India. It is a cruel joke on the Pakistani nation for India to first cause the aggravation of the floods and then offer a small amount for relief work from the same floods Even if India had not undertaken its damaging action, it made little sense for Pakistan to accept any Indian financial assistance at a time when Indian security forces are killing the Kashmiris as they rise afresh for ridding themselves of Indian Occupation. Is it a mere coincidence that the Pakistani leadership has maintained a strange silence on the new wave of repression unleashed on the unarmed youth of Kashmir by the Indian state, or is US pressure effective on that front also? Nor is this all. While the country is busy coping with the aftermath of the floods with little or no assistance from the government, the Indians have used the opportunity to flood the Pakistani markets with agricultural produce coming across Wagah. Has the Pakistani government opened this land trade route to India or are the Pakistani authorities allowing smuggling by looking the other way? Whatever the truth, once again the Pakistanis are at the losing end as India forces it to play according to Indian rules.