KARACHI Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain on Sunday said his party would support patriotic Army generals martial law-like steps against the corrupt politicians. Addressing a general workers convention held at Lal-Qilla Ground Azizabad, Altaf urged what he called patriotic generals to take action against unscrupulous politicians, which might also include martial law. He said Pakistan required a change, like the French revolution, to hold the corrupt politicians, generals and feudal lords accountable, adding the MQM would back the Army generals who were ready to uproot the feudal system. Altaf said Pakistans foreign policy was comparatively weaker than that of India, adding Pakistani officials love to do shopping in the foreign countries while their Indian counterparts work for their country. The foreign policy cannot be changed through thieves, corrupt generals and feudals. The people along with patriotic Army and ISI officials should decide whether they would take dictation from the United States or go the other way, he remarked. He also pointed to the fact that the religious parties and the Army generals had filled their pockets with the US dollars during the so-called Afghan jihad while the orphaned Mujahideen were becoming fuel for the Taliban. He demanded registration of criminal cases against the feudal lords, who diverted floodwaters towards the villages of the poor people to save their lands and crops. Those who deliberately broke the embankments during the floods are the enemies of humanity. Altaf recalled that the people from across the world had supported the country in 2005 quake and asked why the aid had not been used effectively. He also appealed the people to support the flood victims. He lauded the Armys efforts for providing relief to the flood affectees, saying the Army personnel had always played their role for the betterment of the country during the difficult times.