The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has started airlift and sealift for the delivery of aid donated by nations and humanitarian relief organizations for the Pakistan's flood-hit people, the NATO said on Sunday. The first NATO cargo aircraft carrying relief goods for survivors of the devastating floods in Pakistan arrived at the Chaklala Airbase. In response to a request by the government of Pakistan, the NATO had on Friday decided to provide airlift and sealift for the delivery of aid to Pakistan floods survivors. The flight departed from Geilenkirchen Airbase in Germany to Islamabad with goods including power generators, water pumps and tents. NATO's support to the flood relief operations will be conducted in accordance with specific requests from the Pakistani authorities and in coordination with other stakeholders engaged in the humanitarian relief efforts. Since the first request for humanitarian assistance by the Pakistani authorities in early August, The Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre at NATO Headquarters in Brussels has been acting as a clearing house for humanitarian assistance offered by allies and partner nations.