Devastations due to the flood continues along the length and breadth of the country. New wave of flood inundates the Gandakha area of Balochistan. Approximately, 60 feet of sand was swept away by the flood into the sea at Aqillo Bank. High level of flood is reported in Kotri barrage. According to the details, 15 villages were deluged due to the breach in the safety bank at Shikarpur in district Rajanpur. People are trying to seal the breach on their own. Houses have been razed down. The flood tide, meandering through different courses is falling into River Chenab near Sher Sultan. Fatal diseases have reached epidemic levels in affected areas. Flood pressure is mounting on the embankments in Shahdadkot. The flood tide is reaching Khot Chakiyani. Due to the flash flood in Aqilo bank, 60 feet of mud washed away into the sea. DCO Qamber Yaseen has issued warning to the residence of Shahdadkot and asked them to evacuate the city. In Thatta, flood pressure has escalated at the banks of Menarki Bank, Surjani, Sondayaliyan. The flood tide is swiftly reaching its final destination in Arabian Sea. The land route of Jacobabad still remained cut-off on the tenth day. The embankments on Sindh River and Daudhor Bridge at Nawabshah have been under pressure since three days. Water level is swelling in Manchar Jheel. After the flood in Gandakha, water level is menacingly rising in Derullah Yar and Jan Jamali. Rescue operation is going on in Gandakha to bring people to safety patches. The affectees are being shifted to Magsi Jheel and other areas. The floodwater could not be drawn out from Derullah on the tenth day.