LAHORE In utter disregard of reverence of the holy month of Ramazan, owners of different canteens and eateries at various hospitals and bus stands are selling substandard eatables as well as overcharging from the consumers, who are forced to buy stale and unhygienic food from these food outlets, reveals a survey The Nation conducted on Sunday. It was learnt that the cafeterias and temporary restaurants at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, Mayo Hospital, General Bus Stand, and Niazi Bus Terminal had been exploiting travellers, patients, their attendants and visitors, who had no other option, but to buy food from these outlets before and at the time of Iftari. A large number of consumers complained that the canteens and restaurants at the said places had no proper sitting arrangements while the kitchenware they used was not washed well, adding that there was no price control mechanism for these eateries. They were also dissatisfied with the poor service of the food outlets workers. Talking to this scribe, a patients attendant at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital cafeteria said that there must be a department which should check quality of food items at hospitals. He said that the canteen owners were selling stale edibles as there was no one present that could inspect them. The hospital administration was also reluctant to ensure quality of products as it might have some vested interests. A traveller Zaigham Hussain at General Bus Stand said that he did not like to eat from the restaurants at the bus stand, but he had no other option because of Ramazan. He said that quality of food items available there was unsatisfactory. He said that owners of these canteens had increased the prices of food by 20 per cent compared to those in routine days, in the absence of any inspection by the administration. Nooran Bibi, the mother of a child patient admitted in the Mayo Hospital said that she was forced to purchase eatables for her son from the canteen adding that she herself had become sick after eating inferior quality food. Ziaul Haq, another traveller, resident of Rawalpindi, said that Niazi Adda administration did not have proper arrangements to facilitate the travellers and had allowed the contractors to mint money from consumers purchasing drinking water, cold drinks, roti and other food items from there. DG 1122 makes fact finding committee Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) Director General Dr Rizwan Naseer condemned the brutal incident of torture in Sialkot and formed a fact finding committee to find out the actual facts. He also suspended the station incharge Daska Road and rescuers present at the Station at the time of incident. Dr Rizwan Naseer said that stern action should be taken against any person found negligent of their duties.