WASHINGTON (AFP/Reuters) - Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Sunday there are no formal peace talks between his government and the Taliban, although he admitted to individual contacts with the Islamic group. The Afghan President urged US taxpayers to stop paying for outside security contractors in Afghanistan that he said were in contact with Mafia-like groups and possibly with insurgents. Of course, there are individual contacts with some Taliban elements - thats not yet a formal process, Karzai told ABC televisions This Week programme. The Afghan leader added however that there is a clear course towards possible future talks peace with the outlawed insurgents. The roadmap is clear. The indications for peace would be that Afghanistan will be ready to talk to those Taliban powers who belong to Afghanistan and are not part of Al-Qaeda, who are not part of any other terrorist network, who accept the Afghanistan Constitution and the progress that we have achieved in the past so many years, he said. Karzai said talks could also be possible with members of the Taliban willing to return to a normal civilian life and who are not connected to any foreign body outside of Afghanistan. Karzai added that despite recent military setbacks he believes that it is possible to prevail against the Taliban. I believe the campaign against terrorism is absolutely winnable, he said. In order for us to do that, we must end the business as usual and we must begin to re-examine whether we are doing everything correctly - whether we are doing the right things and whether we are having the support of the Afghan people, he said. Karzai, who last week decreed that foreign security contractors must disband in the next four months, said these workers are obstructing the development of Afghan police and security forces. I am appealing to the US taxpayer not to allow their hard-earned money to be wasted on groups that are not only providing lots of inconveniences to the Afghan people but actually are, God knows, in contact with Mafia-like groups and perhaps also funding militants and insurgents and terrorists through those funds, Karzai said. Karzai said the relatively high pay that foreign security firms offer is keeping Afghan people from joining the countrys police and security forces. However, Karzai said security contractors who protect diplomats and aid workers would be allowed to operate. But he added, We will definitely not allow them to be on the roads, in the bazaars, in the streets, on the highways, and we will not allow them to provide protection to supply lines. That is the job of the Afghan government and the Afghan police. He added that measures must also be taken to increase the support of Afghans. We must provide protection to the Afghan people rather than causing civilian casualties, we must end corruption and corrupt practices in Afghanistan - done by the international community by the way contracts are given, he said. We must end parallel structures to the Afghan government, we must end the security firms who are spending billions of dollars, in the presence of whom Afghanistan would never develop a police force, Karzai said.