Pakistani community in Manchester has donated over Rs 20 million for flood affectees to Sahara Trust, welfare Organization of singer Ibrar-ul-Haq while Britain would distribute 6 million pounds through UNICEF in flood hit areas. Addressing to charity ceremony held under the aegis of Alexander Sheridan Sweet, here in Manchester Chair person Conservative Party Saeeda Warsi said that Britain would distribute the aid amount valuing 6 million pounds in flood hit areas through UNICEF due to lack of trust on Pakistani government. She said that not only the government and institutions can steer the Pakistan out from flood devastations but international community has to play vital role in this regard. Chairperson Conservative Party Saeeda Warsi, member of European Parliament Sajjad Kareem, Pakistani Consulate in Manchester General Ahsan Ullah Baath, Chairman Alexander Sheridan Sweet Anjum Majeed, Lord mayor of Manchester Mark Hacate, Saeed Akhtar social worker, Chaudhry Akhtar Khan, Mian Sohail Iqbal, President Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ) Ishfaque Sajid and famous singer Ibrar-ul-Haq attended the charity ceremony. Saeeda Warsi speaking on the occasion said that she visited the flood-hit areas of Pakistan and observed the devastations caused by the flood. She assured that not only British government but also British public would support the Pakistanis. She said that after realizing the flood devastation at large scale, Britain increased the aid amount from 3 million pounds to 6 million pounds. She said that due to lack of trust over Pakistani government Britain would distribute the aid amount through UNICEF. She said that when she visited the flood areas it seemed that the devastation is caused by bomb. Addressing to the charity ceremony, member of European Parliament Sajjad Kareem said that campaign to accumulate aid for flood affectees would continue. He said that Pakistani community living abroad should take part in relief activities for flood affectees. He said that transparent distribution of aid would be ensured. On this juncture famous singer and social worker Ibrar-ul-Haq also performed. He said that he would purchase tents for flood affectees with aid money. He said that he would visit to France regarding fundraising campaign for flood affectees.