ISLAMABAD - PML-Q (Likeminded) President Senator Salim Saifullah Khan has said that Pakistans energy crisis is becoming critical and Pak economy is on the brink of disaster since all the big industrial units have been closed down due to persistent loadshedding. Talking to the party leaders including Senior Vice President Nisar Muhammad Khan, Additional Secretary General Ayub Khattak, Deputy Secretary Information Ajab Gul Surani, he said that 22-hour daily loadshedding in most of the country in the holy month of Ramazan had made the lives of the people hell. Ha said that the recent loadshedding throughout the country was an explicit example of the failure of the incumbent govt to deal with energy crisis. He warned that if the government continued with the same slumber and negligence towards the problems of energy crisis, it would become more severe in future and the day is not far when We would see bloody revolution and all the responsibility would be on the present government. According to him, all the big cities which were once known as the cities of lights are now converting to the cities of darkness due to the inapt leadership of Ministry of Water and Power. He said that if the government timely resolved water and energy crisis, the country would never be engulfed in such devastation. He said that if the Federal Minister for Water and Power could not deliver for the nation he should resign from his position as his promises to control loadshedding was no more than a rhetoric and his statements had disappointed the people to the level that Now civil war situation is being seen in every town and city.