LAHORE - The dispute between PIA pilots and MD PIA has entered in to 7th day causing delay and cancellation of several domestic and international flights, said sources in the airline on Sunday. It is worth mentioning here that pilots are following Go Slow Policy because working agreement signed between pilots and MD PIA is not being implemented. The sources said that apart from the harm to the airline, the passengers were also suffering. As a consequence of this dispute, flights of Pk 769 and Pk 770 from Islamabad to Paris Frankfurt and back to Islamabad have been cancelled. Other flights that have to face long delays because of crew requirements are Pk588, Pk589, Pk653, Pk654, Pk365, Pk213 and Pk330. Meanwhile, PIAs Umra operation has been badly disturbed because of maintenance problems. Pk 7358 extra section Ummra flight from Islamabad to Jeddah was delayed by over 11 hours. Pk 7358 by 10 hours 50 minutes, Pk 760 from Lahore to Jeddah by 6 hours, Pk 742 from Islamabad to Jeddah by 2 hours 50 minutes and Pk 7360 by 10 hours 40 minutes. These technical problems on PIAs fleet of Boeing 747 follows 9 engine failures in the last two months, which include two engine failures on ground at Karachi while the aircraft was on the take off run.