KOTRI A breach in a private protective dyke, commonly known as jagirdari bund, in Matiari inundated several villages in katcha area on Sunday, which was followed by mass evacuation as people ran for safety. Floodwater has also been surging constantly in River Indus through District Thatta, mounting massive pressure on Manarki, Surjani and Sawanda safety embankments. Announcements were made from the loudspeaker of mosques advising the people to leave their homes after floodwaters hit the loop dyke in Sann, the hometown of late nationalist leader GM Syed. Emergency was also declared at Jamshoro Dyke while around 50,000 people had been affected by flooding in the district. Meanwhile, River Indus attained exceptionally high flood level at Kotri Barrage with a flow of more than 850,000 cusecs, which is expected to rise during the next 24 hours. Parts of Hyderabad, Thatta and Badin districts are threatened by imminent inundation along both banks of the river. In Thatta, Raju Nizamani, a settlement with a population of around 7,000 people, and 15 adjoining villages were inundated as the mighty river deluge lashed the katcha area on the right bank near Thatta-Hyderabad National Highway. Memon, Mallah, Syed, Turk, Sama and other communities mostly inhibited these abodes. A majority of people are transporting their belongings to safer places on their own. Meanwhile, the water gushing out of a breach in Right Bank Outfall Drain (RBOD) dyke, which occurred late Saturday night, was developing pressure on KB Feeder Upper and the authorities had diverted the flow through Jherruck Tando Hafiz Shah Channel to minimise the loss. The authorities confirmed that the water flowing out of the RBOD breach was somehow also streaming into the Keenjhar Lake; however, to tackle the rising water level in the reservoir, they were striving hard to divert it again towards German Dhoro on National Highway. It is important to note that the private protective embankments are a major threat to the infrastructure on Indus, as these are major hurdles to the natural flow of River Indus. According to reports, more than 100 jagirdari bunds have been constructed along the both banks of River Indus. It is said that around 40 such illegal embankments are located in District Thatta only. It may be recalled that the Army had made a cut in such a dyke in Keti Jatoi last week to save the poor. Meanwhile, the provincial government has declared 19 districts as calamity-hit areas including Ghotki, Sukkur, Khairpur, Naushehro Feroz, Shaheed Benazirabad (Nawabshah), Jacobabad, Kashmore, Shikarpur, Larkana, Qambar-Shahdad Kot, Dadu, Jamshoro, Matiari, Tando Mohammad Khan, Hyderabad, Thatta and Badin. Reports said an extremely high flow of 10,35,000 cusecs was flowing through District Shaheed Benazirabad. Agencies add: Floodwater has been surging constantly in River Indus through Thatta, while the repair work at safety dykes in Dadu District to fill in breaches is underway on war footing, officials said. The water pressure has been persistently increasing on Manarki, Surjani and Sawanda safety bunds in Thatta, resulting in inundation of over 300 villages in katchi area so far, said officials, a private news channel reported. Over 90,000 people have been evacuated to safer places and more people are being transferred to safer locations. Women and children have been evacuated to safer places during rescue operation being conducted by Navy in Kati Khoso Goth while efforts are underway to evacuate remaining stranded people. The floodwater is fast roaring into Shahdadkot, deluging over hundred villages. The high tide sustained its pressure, causing the temporary protective embankment constructed over Motorway to seep from different points, a private news channel reported. The floodwater entered into three pipes and two watercourses under the protective embankment meant for irrigation in a bid to spare the city from the deluge. The current is fast heading to the city now. The water from these pipes and watercourses approached near Goth Din Muhammad Khiazai and Goth Diyar Khan, one kilometre from Shahdadkot. Meanwhile, super flood of more than 821,000 cusecs was passing through Kotri Barrage on Sunday noon, inundating more areas in Jamshoro and Thatta districts.