LAHORE-The PPPs Punjab organisation has declared that it would raise Rs 30 million for the flood affectees besides despatching over 150 truck loads of various food items to the affected areas. In a meeting of partys general council held at Alhamra Hall on Sunday, it was decided that all district presidents and ticket holders in Punjab would donate a minimum of Rs 0.5 million each apart from sending at least five truck loads of food items to the affected areas. The accumulated donations by party men thus collected would come to Rs 30 million, party Punjab Acting President Sami Ullah Khan told reporters at the end of the meeting. He further told that 13 district presidents donated Rs 12 million in the form of cheques in todays (Sunday) meeting. The Sundays PPP meeting was presided over by Sami Ullah Khan while Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer was chief guest on the occasion. An embarrassing situation developed during the meeting when PPPs District President, Sheikhupura, Altaf Virk criticised PM Gilani, saying that he had not fulfilled the promises made with the party workers. Expressing his utter distrust over the PM, Mr Virk said that he was willing to donate 100 truck loads of relief items for the flood affectees but wont deposit a penny in the relief fund announced by Yousuf Raza Gilani. The disgruntled PPP leader suspected that Mr Gilani might give that money to PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif. Addressing party men, the governor said that his partys government had buried the issue of mid term polls forever, and the general elections would only be held in 2013. He said that PPP, having a long history of struggle against dictatorship, did not assume power with the help of military He advised the Opposition to show patience, and wait till 2013 for the new elections. He said that President Zardari was an elected President, and he would also complete his constitutional term. He said doors of Governors House were open for the PML-N to hold meetings in connection with raising funds for the affectees. Taseer said Z. A Bhutto and her brave daughter Benazir Bhutto always fought for the rights of masses and that was the reason that they were still alive in minds of the downtrodden people. Talking about foreign aid, the governor said that Pakistan was accepting aid in the name of humanity. We are not beggars, he asserted. He rejected criticism on government with regard to its credibility, saying that opponents were doing so just for political point scoring. As a matter of fact, he added, the entire world had expressed trust over the government by announcing substantial aid for the flood victims. He said it was time that political parties should prove their worth by collecting maximum donations for the distressed people. Expressing grief over the brutal killing of two real brothers in Sialkot, Taseer wondered over the unique way Sharif brothers had adopted to condole with the bereaved family. He said that instead of visiting their residence, they called the family at the residence of PML-N MNA Kha-waja Muhammad Asif.