LAHORE - Regular Naat classes should be started in all educational institutions so that the Islamic and moral nourishment could be inculcated into the youth according to the dream of Hazrat Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the great philosopher and poet of the Sub-continent. Special departments should be established and proper staff be hired that may teach various chapters of Naat to our youth in order to save their lives from spoiling. Chairman Naat Forum International and Editor Midhat, a leading Naat monthly magazine, Sarwar Hussain Naqsh-bandi expressed these views in an exclusive interview to The Nation on Sunday. Sarwar Hussain, who lear-ned from a renowned Naatkhawan late Hazrat Hafiz Taib and was awarded from former President Ghulam Ishaq Khan and from some other countries including UAE, South Africa and Mauritius, said that the policies should be implemented on government level regarding the promotion of Naat otherwise our society might be spoiled within coming years. There was a tremendous impact in our society when former President Gen (r) Ziaul Haq promoted Naat and such other Islamic values. A dozens of Naat-Go emerged in Pakistan who later popularised true spirit of Islam across the world, he added. He said that the European countries and especially their media intended to transform our society into extra-liberal which was totally against Islam and our norms. The great poet, Allama Iqbal had disclosed that aliens would try their best to overthrow the Muslims by injecting vulgarism in our society and by uprooting the love and devotion for the holy Prophet (PBUH), that propaganda was being disseminated now, Sarwar commented. He said that he wanted to establish a Naat centre where all kinds of research activities should be run regarding the promotion of Naat but the project was in pending due to the governments lukewarm response. Dozens of state-run Arts Council are promoting the culture which has nothing to do with Muslim civilisation. But not a single Naat centre has been established so far for the propagation of love and devotion for the last Prophet (PBUH), Sarwar added. Hundreds of thousands of youth loved to recite Naat but we were lacking committed teachers, who might polish their abilities. In reply to a query, he said, It depends on the government that how she reacts. The government is patronising music, dancing classes, glamorous activities as a result of which music culture is in full swing. If the government takes keen interest in Naat promotion then soon our society would be considered a purified society, he added. Sarwar Naqshbandi was of the view that he left bank job, as he was unable to give time to his passion towards Naat then Almighty Allah awarded him lectureship in Islamic Studies at Allied School of Health and Sciences near Children Hospital but now he was working on Naat as he could. He urged Pakistani media and senior media practitioners to extend their sincere cooperation in promoting Naat and by cleaning Naat from music and instruments in the name of modernisation in Naat.