A report of the Pakistan Water Council states that "India would soon be completing a string of dams on River Jhelum and Chenab, forty in total out of which four large and sixteen small dams have already become operational. India is building world's third largest dam at Kargil on River Indus. A water tunnel is already gouged out of Indus which is taking 45% of water from its reservoirs. India has also completed the disputed Baglihar dam on River Chenab and Jhelum. In short, India is working full time on its plan to make Pakistan a desert and bring it to its knees without firing a single bullet by year 2015. The Pakistanis, though, are still sleeping and don't even want to see the reality. Allah has once again warned us in the shape of present floods after the earthquake we had in 2005 to open our eyes. But we are still mired in our own affairs, designs and agendas. SHAHERYAR KHAN, Islamabad, August 20.