The Chief Ministers of the flood-ravaged provinces can bring into action more than 80,000 highly-motivated relief workers immediately---with just a stroke of pen. This will be a force much bigger than the Armed Forces personnel we have in the field at present and would be a force to reckon with. Until last year, the elected Local Governments were in place in four provinces of Pakistan, solving problems of people at the local level. Rather than holding elections on the due date and giving people an opportunity to choose their representatives, the Chief Ministers had postponed the elections indefinitely with out realizing that their own party members could also be elected, providing them with a base in the masses. It is obvious those elections cannot be held now, it would take months completing the election process. But the presently defunct (former) members of the Local Governments can be restored to their positions with a mere stroke of pen and can work until the elections are held next. The so-called Administrators, that were put in their place and imposed upon the public in flagrant violation of the law, may be withdrawn. That one step would mean Nazims at Union, Tehsil and District levels would take their places and start working for the public immediately. The people's representatives, commonly called Councilors, are highly motivated persons. They live among their voters, unlike MNAs and MPAs. They cannot hope to be reelected if they do not serve their electorate well. These Councilors in the flood-affected areas can take up immediately tasks relating to rescue and distribution of food and relief items. Those in other parts of the country can collect funds and relief supplies and forward to the affected areas. Zila Nazims would also activate district bureaucracy, which is mostly dormant at present. Being responsible to the people, they would not let any official of the District Government evade his duty. People remember vividly how the Karachi Nazim Mustafa Kamal was in field all the time and galvanized people working under him during heavy rains in Karachi. The Chief Minister must realize that making Local Governments dysfunctional under pressure of the MPAs and bureaucrats did not improve governance. Now they must rectify their mistake. Flood is a local problem. Let the Local Governments deal with it. -MUHAMMAD ABD AL-HAMEED, Lahore, August 20.