ISLAMABAD A woman was booked for misusing a government owned vehicle, which was not entitled to her, police said. According to details, Tarnol Police intercepted a suspicious car bearing registration number AAY 864 green number plate, driven by Azra Shaheen at Tarnol Chowk. Police said that a blue revolving light was also placed on car dashboard. Police interrogated the lady about the car but she kept changing her statement about the ownership of car and couldnt satisfy to the police. Smelling the rat police shifted the car at police station where lady informed the police that actually vehicle was entitled to her brother namely Nisar Ahmed serving at Customs. Upon this, she was given appropriate time to bring cars documents for corroborating her claim. But she didnt return to Police Station. We tried over level best to trace the accused girls brother but neither he contacted with us nor her sister returned to police station for car, Investigation Officer said. He further said that finally police registered an FIR against Azra Shaeen under section 420/170 and further investigations were underway. Meanwhile, Aabapra Police arrested three robbers who themselves contacted with police after committing robbery. They informed the police that they were on their home in a car when they were looted by robbers and they deprived them of Rs 5 lakh. The money belonged to their boss. After examining the crime scene, police felt something fishy in this case. Upon this, police arrested them for interrogation. During primarily interrogation they confessed that no robbery took place and instead they staged a drama to swindle Rs 5 lakh. The accused were identified as Haroon, Shahzad and Muhammad Saeed and a case has been registered against them.