The incident involving two vehicles of the American diplomats that nearly ran over security personnel at a checkpoint in Peshawar, when they tried to stop them and ask for their NOCs, constitutes yet another brazen act that calls for strong condemnation. The police was unable to arrest them as the cars sped right into the US Consulate in the city. The requirement that diplomats must first get NOCs prior to traveling is a condition that has been placed on them by the government of Pakistan. They ought to have known that they need to meet this condition and cannot be exempted from it. It also meets the requirement of their personal security. Diplomats do not indulge in such behaviour that gives rise to the feeling whether the Americans stationed on our soil are private security contractors disguised as diplomats. This outrageous conduct is definitely not in consonance with their status as diplomatic representatives. It is also quite strange that the Americans are suddenly feeling the need to roam about in a suspicious manner when the security situation does not warrant it. To top it all, they have even started visiting places which diplomats of other countries would not visit in the first place? Our government needs to be persistent with its latest stand vis--vis US officials, especially the curbs it has placed on their movement.