Nominations of Presidential Awards announced on August 14 included name of a Police Officer who is generally known as corrupt, killer and dishonest person. A few years back, he brutally killed an innocent person namely Rasool Bux Brohi and wrongly claimed it body of Mashooq Ali Brohi (a criminal) in order to get head money. Such reports in details were extensively covered by the press at that time. Finally, the Supreme Court of Pakistan also took notice of his killing and he was behind the bars. His record is reportedly full of corruption and dishonesty and he remained behind the bars and under suspension more than once. Awarding Presidential Award to a killer, corrupt and dishonest Police Officer with criminal record is insult to the prestigious Award. I appeal to the President Asif Ali Zardari to take back such nomination and order strict action against those who recommended prestigious Award to Police Officer with criminal record. MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, August 21.