One shudders at knowing the number of terrorist attacks that have occurred in the various parts of the country during 2009-2011. The acts of terrorism, which have been registered, are in thousands and Balochistan tops the list with 1,424 attacks. The second province is Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which is followed by Punjab and Sindh, where also the number of blasts is in hundreds. Similarly the report also shows that the menace of kidnapping is assuming horrific proportions. Let us take a moment to reflect what has happened to our dear homeland? We must realise that before we joined the US in its unholy war against terrorism post 9/11, there was peace and calm in the country. It is time to change our foreign policy before an East-Pakistan style insurgency develops in Balochistan. Our federal ministers are on record having claimed that it was India and US that are behind it. Besides, it is of utmost importance that we overhaul our security setup, which is our first line of defence against such deceitful forces, and, at the same time, the resentment prevailing in our tribal areas has to be addressed. This can only be done by halting the military operations, putting an end to drone attacks and ushering in an era of prosperity and stability along the tribal belt. It is a long road ahead but with determination, there is no doubt that we can overcome our difficulties.