Okara  - In a savage attack, five people gouged the eyes and cut the nose and ears of a barber in Depalpur over his alleged illicit relationship with the woman of a landlord family.  The victim Yousaf was thrown into a nearby field after being mutilated by the five accused, reports said.  The barber was at home the other day when a woman of the village, Nasim Bibi, allegedly called him to nearby fields where a local landlord was already waiting for him along with his five armed accomplices.The landlord Mian Khan suspected that the victim had illicit relations with his daughter Mukhtar Bibi. With knives, they attacked his eyes and gourged them out.  Then they ruthlessly cut his nose, ears and tongue.Perhaps to deny him first aid, the culprits threw the victim in the fields after committing the crime. The city police formed a team to arrest the culprits.Latest reports said at least three of the people accused of torturing the barber were arrested on Wednesday. Police said the accused Javed, Muhammad Hussain and Ali Sher were arrested on charges of gross bodily harm to the barber. The incident has drawn much ire and criticism for police. In order to ensure better treatment, the poor barber has been shifted to Mayo Hospital Lahore while a Rs 500,000 relief cheque has been given to him by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, who is known for taking a tough line again such gross injustices. The case will be heard by an Anti-Terrorism Court.