Our country is facing one of the worst energy crises. The government has somehow managed to give out more energy than what is actually being produced. This has resulted in severe loadshedding across the country. This year it has gone so worse that we have to break our fast in the dark. During shortfalls of certain commodities, the governments across the globe impose restrictions on movements and sales of the short supply commodity in their own countries to help every citizen get equal share. For example, ration books were used to help people live with shortfall of food during World War II.

With our energy crisis, it is unfortunate to see that our government is still allowing the allocation of free electricity units to government employees. Wapda, Nepra and many other government employees get free electricity units every month. The question is: when there is not enough electricity, why are government employees getting free units?

How can the government or Wapda justify giving free units of electricity to government employees, when Wapda cannot even collect all the bills on time or even stop electricity theft in the country. I request the new prime minister and the old parliamentarians to stop the sale of all free units of electricity. There is not enough electricity for everyone and, therefore, electricity units should only be sold so that Wapda can earn some income and use it to install more electricity-generating units. With electricity units being given free to government employees, Wapda cannot earn a good cash flow on their accounts and justify the purchase or installation of new electricity-generating units.


Peshawar, August 22.