ISLAMABAD - Lesser rains during the outgoing monsoon season might have adverse impact on agriculture and hydro power generation sector that is likely to worsen further power outages in the country.

The present spell of rain in the country would provide a little relief in terms of increasing water level in dams but would not be enough to fill these dams to their maximum capacity.

Director General Metrological Department Arif Mehmood while talking to TheNation said that present rain though not enough but is a blessing in disguise for the country as it had provided some relief to the masses.

It is pertinent to mention here that monsoon this year started late that caused decrease water level in the dams.

Arif Mehmood said that main source of water in Tarbela Dam is not due the rains but water inflow in River Indus.

River Indus mainly has water source of snow melt down so the present rain could not impact a lot on Tarbela Dam as the water inflow in the river Indus has already been reported lesser than previous year. So the dame will likely to remain 57-60 feet short of its maximum conservation level that generally is filled in this season.

On the other side, Mangla Dam’s main source of water is rain so the present rain would impact to some extent but again it will remain 65 feet short of its maximum conservation level of 1242 feet.

Water and power experts said that power generation through hydel resources and agriculture sector could suffer in the upcoming months due to lesser water availability.

They further said that though energy demand in the country would decrease in the coming days but due to lesser hydel power generation, the masses might face power outages in the winter season even as thermal units could not fulfil demand of electricity across the country.

Moreover, it was not possible to supply gas to all power plants in the winter season as it has been observed in previous years that gas pressure decreases and its demand increases.