The President took immediate notice of report of the arrest of an 11 year old suspected Down’s Syndrome patient, arrested for allegedly desecrating pages of a tutorial book intended to teach the Quran. Rimsha Masih was taken to jail after an FIR was registered. As local and international media have been unequivocal in supplying the information that the child is suffering from a disabling condition, from birth, it is clear that even if the incident did occur, the child cannot and must not be held accountable for actions which she clearly did not have the mental faculty to think through and imagine the consequences of. Such a case should immediately be resolved by the constitution of a medical board to rule authoritatively on the mental stability of the child, following which, the matter can be justly resolved, with dignity and without emotion, according to the law. Too often rash impulse rules our behaviour. This is unacceptable. Humanity and empathy, especially for those less able than ourselves, is what Islam preaches. The facts must be established, and if, as seems evident, the child is unwell, the law will no doubt take the required view, which we now pin our hopes on. Meanwhile, treatment while in jail must be extended to her, for the obviously traumatising experience of being incarcerated, especially for someone suffering from a debilitating mental disability. The people’s faith in the courts is absolute. They have every hope that the court will keep all aspects in view, while hearing the case.