ISLAMABAD – The Inter-University Consortium for Promotion of Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities Pakistan (IUCPSS), Pakistan’s first ever inter university alliance formed by nine leading higher education institutions (HEIs), and the American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS) Islamabad have agreed to extend cooperation and undertake collaborative efforts for promotion of social sciences, arts & humanities and business education in Pakistan.

In this regard, MOU will be signed at University of Gujrat. The purpose of this cooperative agreement includes: promotion of cooperation between Pakistani universities and US academia, focus on improving the state of social sciences and humanities related disciplines in Pakistan by enhancing collaborative research and scholarship and sharing information and use of resources more efficiently and effectively in order to provide increased services to Pakistani universities and social science research community at US and Pakistani academic institutions.

According to the details, through this agreement, the AIPS in collaboration with HEC and IUCPSS will organize doctoral dissertation writing workshops for Pakistani students.

The AIPS will support and facilitate the mission of IUCPSS to form a National Social Science Research Council in Pakistan and will assist IUCPSS with the process and programming of it. 

The AIPS will use its US institutional membership (consortium of 32 affiliated universities) to encourage and motivate junior and senior research scholars and faculty members to conduct academic research in affiliation with IUCPSS.

The AIPS and IUCPSS also agree to co-organise series of academic talks and seminars at selected IUCPSS member campuses.


AIPS will encourage and facilitate academic partnerships between consortia-member universities of AIPS-US and IUCPSS-Pakistan including faculty exchange, student exchange, split degree and research, video conferencing and joint certificate/diploma programmes.