IT might look like one of the world’s fasted supercars, but you’d need to be Bradley Wiggins to get a turn of speed out of this Ferrari lookalike. Creator Hannes Langeder copied a 660 bhp Ferrari Enzo down to the smallest details - except for the V12, six litre engine based on a Formula 1 racing motor.

Instead, his drive-train for the Fahrradi Farfalla FFX is a pair or cycle pedals, some gears and his own leg muscles.

Hannes - from Linz, Austria - explained: “It’s a great feeling to be the slowest thing on the road because everyday life moves so quickly.” Two years ago Hannes also made a pedal-powered replica Porsche 911.

Art expert Magnus Hofmueller - curator of an exhibition on car culture - added: “It deals with sustainability and car fanaticism critically but also humorously.”                               –WO