LAHORE – A large number of Lahorites visited the graveyards on the occasion of Eidul Fitr to remember their loved ones.

The citizens after offering Eid prayers traditionally start celebrating Eid by visiting graveyards every year. They visit the graveyard on the Eid days and recite the Holy Quran as well as sprinkle flower petals and rosewater on the graves of their dear ones. There also put the earth on graves for repairing.

All major graveyard of the provincial metropolis including Miani Sahib Graveyard, Mominpura Graveyard, DHA Graveyard, Taxali Gate Cemetery, Gorey Shah Graveyad, Dars Bary Mian Graveyard, Model Town Graveyard, Liberty Graveyard and others witnessed huge rush as the people of all age group visited there to offer fateha on the graves of their loved ones. The graveyards were so much crowded on the first day of Eid that it was hard to move easily. While offering fateha and reciting verses of Holy Quran, the people were witnessed shedding tears in remembrance of their loved ones.

Due to lack of proper arrangements of parking and others, huge traffic mess was also witnessed near the big graveyards like Miani Sahib and Model Town, creating problems for the visitors. The floral shops set up on the roads leading to the graveyard earned good amount of money on Eid days. The visitors complained that they were selling flowers at almost double rate from the usual days. However, a shopkeeper was of the view that these were the days when they received enough shoppers. He said although the rates were high than the usual days but the also purchased flowers on high rates on such occasions.

While sharing their feelings on the occasion, the visitors said that while they visit the graves of their beloved, they feel that they are with them. They also consider this ritual a religious obligation, said a caretaker of Mian Sabib graveyard, adding that they had been working here for 10 years and, he thinks, the number of visitors was increasing every year. “I have been visiting graveyard on the occasion of Eid since my childhood. My father took my whole family with him, and now when he is not with us, I come there with my children,” said Ahmed Ali, a government official residing in Riwazgarden.

He said he visited the graveyard before Eid prayer to offer Fateha and showering flower petals on the grave of this father and grandfather.