ISLAMABAD - The government on Wednesday announce an increase in prices of petroleum products. The new prices will be implementable after midnight on Thursday, according to a notification. It was earlier announced that the prices of petroleum products would be kept unchanged for now, but due to severe opposition by the Finance Ministry the government has changed the mind.Petrol is increased by Rs 3.21, High Octane by Rs 4.85, Kerosene oil Rs3.52 and price of light diesel has been increased by Rs3.19. The new prices after the jump are: Petrol Rs96.78, High Octane Rs125.01, Kerosene Rs96.35 and Light Diesel Rs93.30.Moreover, it has also been decided to increase CNG prices by up over three rupees per kilogram.Sources said petroleum products prices may be revised on a weekly basis instead of fortnight.The rate of CNG for Region One, Potohar, Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, has been raised by Rs3.21, setting the new price at Rs88.61/kg. The CNG price for Region Two, Punjab and Sindh, has increased by Rs2.68 bringing it up at Rs80.94/kg.The upward surge in prices of petroleum products is likely to spur rates of daily use commodities which are already getting out of the reach of the common man. The State Bank of Pakistan in its recent policy revision regretfully predicted that inflation in the country would remain in the double digits. World organisations have also been prodding the Pakistani government on checking prices since the country is amongst the states that are facing high food inflation. Amidst all the uncertainty the people are facing, the current hike in petroleum prices would come as an unwelcome step as far the lower stratum of the society are concerned. A huge workforce in the country is unemployed, while the problem is getting worse by the day owing to power loadshedding that is wrecking havoc with the economy on top of administrative mismanagement.