LAHORE – PIA on Wednesday ‘managed’ a nine hours ‘free journey’ for a Frenchwoman from Paris to Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore. The female passenger took the PIA’s Lahore to Paris flight via Milan, but she was back again in Lahore after sleeping through her plane’s stop at Charles de Gaulle Airport.The PIA officials are investigating how ground crew failed to notice the woman during the plane’s two-hour stopover in Paris. The woman’s family member complained at the airport and termed PIA responsible for the problem. According to the details, the woman Christine Ahmed, who is married to a Pakistani, left Lahore at noon on Tuesday to fly to Paris , but she did not wake up to get off the plane. Christine did not mention her mistake to cabin crew and the matter only came to light when she was stopped by immigration officials on arrival back at Allama Iqbal Airport on Wednesday.Meanwhile, PIA spokesperson, stated that they were investigating the matter and blamed the French sub-contractor for the issue. The spokesperson also blamed the passenger, Christine Ahmed for the blunder.The PIA, however, arranged to send the woman back to Paris with another airline later as none of its own flights were available for Paris. The spokesperson said PIA were investigating the incident and the French subcontractor responsible for passenger handling in Paris. "We have put questions to this French firm also about the incident but it is also the responsibility of the passenger to disembark at the destination," he said. "It is a passenger's responsibility to check about the destination and disembark when the plane arrives at the particular airport."PIA later arranged to send the woman back to Paris with another airline because none of its own flights were available, but said that the party responsible for the negligence will pay for the extra ticket."It depends who is at fault. If it is a mistake by the local firm, they will pay and if the woman herself is responsible than she will have to bear the cost," Hasan said.