KARACHI – Callous attitude of authorities claimed lives of eight picnickers at different beaches in the city during Eid days.It may be mentioned here that the authorities did not take any precautionary steps, nor do they issued warning about high tide in the sea. In the first incident, three friends, Farhan Hussain, Juniad Ishaq and Tariq Ishaq, drowned at Manora beach on the second day of Eid. The deceased persons were bathing in the sea when got stuck in a high tide. Rescuers tried to rescue them, but could not do so. The bodies were fished out after hectic efforts of hours, however. The deceased were residents of Godhra Camp, New Karachi.Separately, three people, Shafiq Sarwar, Kashif and Ghafoor, drowned at Neelum Point (beach) when a high current put them off-balance. Rescuers managed to fish out body of Shafiq, but not those of Kashif and Ghafoor.In a similar incident, a five-year-old child, Moiz Waheed, drowned at Sands Pit beach while he was taking bath along with his family. Separately, a man drowned at Hawksbay beach while his friend was rescued. As Israr got stuck in a high current, his friend Khalid tried to rescue him but he himself was thrown off-balance. Israr could not be saved although people, present at the beach, tried to rescue him.Families of the victims, when contacted, said that the authorities and rescuers were not seen on the beaches even at the time of rescue and not even warned beforehand about the high tide.