The PTI-led KPK government has banned five Pashto films for obscenity and being inappropriate for the audience, particularly the youths of the province. The ban on these films was a commendable step. The fact is that for the last many years’ cinema houses in Peshawar have been showing lecherous films, in some cases nude ones, destroying the morality of the spectators in general, and youths in particular. Just to earn a few millions, we play with the lives of our citizens, making them a spoiled section of the society.

There is a hue, and cry from the concerned quarters against the ban by the KPK government, particularly the film-makers, and other stakeholders, voicing complaints about their possible loss of invested money spent on these films, but the KPK government must not succumb to any pressure. After all, why should we invest in immoral activities for promotion of immorality? We are Muslims, and are not a free society; we have to live inside the boundaries set by Islam.

We should be aware of the fact that some elements in the society under the garb of being secular, or secularism, promote their own ulterior motives, and personal agenda. I would like to say that the lecherous Pashto films in general, and dances in particular were a source of humiliation and disgrace for all respectable Pashtoons.


Charsadda, August 21.